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DionOnlineBackup is working under an Windows 2000/XP platform and requires .NET Framework 1.1 installing.

DionOnlineBackup is the professional solution for backups, over internet. The application saves data, archivate them and send the zip file through internet to the storage server.

The application DOB is developped on 2 modules: one Client module and another Server module. Those two modules are interworking each other all the time, via internet: the Client module save and archive data localy, encrypt it and send them through the internet, to the storage server, where the Server module receipt and stock them under a secure connection. This process is reversible for data restoring. The Client module call the storage Server, choose the wanted backup and fast recover it on the Client's PC.

Thanks to the duplicity process, data can be stored and recovered at a high speed, 24 hours per day. The user's intervention is not necessary once DOB was set up to execute periodic backups.

DionOnlineBackup Client Solution is the perfect solution for small and middle companies – it provides safely and cheap data backups.

For a monthly fee, we are offering disk space on our storage data servers, assitance and maintenance.

DOB Client Solution costs:

License costs:

Application costs FREE
Provider installing costs 20 EUR
Client installing costs 20 EUR

Monthly fees:

2GB 9.5 EUR/Month
4GB 11.5 EUR/Month
6GB 13.5 EUR/Month
8GB 15.5 EUR/Month
10GB 17.5 EUR/Month

For more space please contact us.

DionOnlineBackup Server Solution can be successfully used by the internet providers who could offer themselves backup services to thir own clients, as much as the big companies, with high data fluxing and own secure servers.

For complete DionOnlineBackup solution costs (Server and Client modules) please contact us.

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